kiss the Tiger




We are Kiss the Tiger. Female-fronted, five-piece, rock 'n' roll troublemakers from Minneapolis. 


Lead Vocals / Meghan Kreidler
Guitar, Vocals / Michael Anderson
Lead Guitar / Andrew Berg
Bass / Paul DeLong
Drums / Jay DeHut



Upcoming shows

March 24th, 2018           10:00 pm        331 Club

April 9th, 2018            6:00 pm         Mu Gala: Can Can Wonderland Edition - EVENT INFORMATION & TICKETS

May 18th, 2018             7:00 pm         First Avenue - PURCHASE TICKETS HERE

August 29th, 2018          6:00 pm         Silverwood OnStage - Three Rivers Park District

Past shows

March 10th, 2018            10:00 pm        The Magnolia Bar - Louisville, KY

March 10th, 2018            1:00 pm         Exile on Main Street - Champaign, IL

March 9th, 2018             9:00 pm         Phyllis' Musical Inn - Chicago, IL

March 8th, 2018             9:00 pm         Quarters - Milwaukee, WI

March 7th, 2018             10:00 pm        The Frequency - Madison, WI

February 20th, 2018         9:30 pm         7th Street Entry

February 9th, 2018          8:00 pm         Varsity Theater Grand Re-Opening Part

January 17th, 2018          9:00 pm         Mortimer's Bar & Restaurant

December 15th, 2017         10:00 pm        Dayblock Brewing Minneapolis, MN

November 10th, 2017         10:00 pm        Viking Bar Minneapolis, MN - EP RELEASE

August 5th, 2017            1:00 am         The Rockwood Music Hall, Lower East Side Manhattan

July 28th, 2017             1:00 am         Palmer's Bar - Palmfest Minneapolis, MN

July 14th, 2017            9:00 pm         The Eagles #34 Minneapolis, MN

July 8th, 2017             9:00 pm         The Red Room Duluth, MN

July 7th, 2017             9:00 pm         Oredock Brewing, Marquette, MI

July 6th, 2017             9:00 pm         Kristin's River Walk Stevens Point, WI

July 1st, 2017             9:00 pm         Phyllis' Musical Inn Chicago, Il

June 30th, 2017            9:00 pm         Quarters Milwaukee, WI

June 29th, 2017            9:00 pm         The Wisco Madison, WI

June 13th, 2017            8:00 pm         7th Street Entry Minneapolis

April 21st, 2017           9:30pm          The 331 Club Minneapolis, MN

March 11th, 2017           9:00 pm         Dayblock Brewing Minneapolis, MN

March 8th, 2017            8:00pm          James Ballentine VFW Minneapolis, MN

March 3rd, 2017            9:30pm          Hexagon Minneapolis, MN

February 19th, 2017        9:00pm          Reverie  Minneapolis, MN

February 11th, 2017        9:00pm          Minneapolis Eagles #34 Minneapolis, MN

February 6th, 2017         8:00 pm          Turf Club St. Paul, MN

front page face

 Meghan Kreidler of Kiss the Tiger named 2017 City Pages Artist of the Year

Meghan Kreidler of Kiss the Tiger named 2017 City Pages Artist of the Year


Meet the 12 Twin Cities artists of the year for 2017

Kreidler's busy life could be enough, but she's also an emerging rock star, fronting Kiss the Tiger. When they perform live, she makes full use of her powerful stage presence.

 End of year interview with The Current's Local Show host Andrea Swensson

End of year interview with The Current's Local Show host Andrea Swensson

 Star Tribune special on frontwoman Meghan Kreidler 

Star Tribune special on frontwoman Meghan Kreidler 

 City Pages write-up on Star Tribune's "Are You Local?" competition

City Pages write-up on Star Tribune's "Are You Local?" competition

'The songs were overtaken by the times': Artist's reflect on staying creative in an anxious year

“I mean when you ask the question, ‘What was it like to be an artist in 2017?’ I guess my general answer would be like it’s kind of awesome, because we’re presented with this opportunity to suit up and defend ourselves and to just be unapologetic,” says Meghan Kreidler of Kiss the Tiger, one of the Star Tribune’s Are You Local? finalists this year. 


Twin Cities performer faces tough Choice: stage star or rock star?

Lead singer Meghan Kreidler is thrashing her way through the song “Bully,” during rehearsal with her band, Kiss the Tiger.

“Every once in a while you think what it would be like to be someone else,” she shouts, struggling against two guitars, bass and drum in a 12- by 10-foot muffled room.

In the heat and noise, the lyric seems to be the question facing Kreidler.



Kiss the Tiger do classic-rock revivalism exceptionally well, with Springsteen, Patti Smith, and Iggy Pop influencing their sound. Lead singer Meghan Kreidler discovered her love of rock just a couple years ago, and her unbridled vocals are an extension of that newfound passion. But she’s not the only thing to get excited about with this band. On their self-titled debut album, the rest of the five-piece consistently nail an explosive instrumental attack.

 Star Tribune's "Are You Local?" competition

Star Tribune's "Are You Local?" competition

Meet the five final acts competing in our 'are you local?' best new bands competition

It was only a couple of years ago that frontwoman Meghan Kreidler, 26, found her love of rock music. Now, it seems that leading a band is something she was born to do.



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